Or you can use Vlingo. They just update with an in car widget. WHen you turn on bluetooth or dock your phone it turns on. Just say "Hey Vlingo!" and it asks you what you want to do. Send message, Navigate to a location etc. Also just released yesterday. » 10/21/10 7:41am 10/21/10 7:41am

You should all check out [www.wearevisible.com] @hardlynormal 's new effort to bring social networking to homeless people. They may not all have a computer like this guy, but they have access to them via libraries and other homeless centers. » 10/11/10 4:17pm 10/11/10 4:17pm

For those of you Firefox users [www.foxtophone.com] is a great app that makes use of the ChrometoPhone app on your phone. It is just as fast, AND you can right click links and send those as well. Very good! » 8/23/10 9:37am 8/23/10 9:37am

@mhr512: I saw a this old house recently where they were installing marble. The guy showed how to get out a wine stain by mixing baking soda (powder) with peroxide into a thick paste. lay thick on the stain. Put plastic wrap over it and painters tape the edges. Let sit overnight and should clean out the stain! » 6/02/10 10:46am 6/02/10 10:46am